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Mumbai Escorts
Mumbai Escorts

Best Call Girls Mumbai Escorts Service

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Hire High Class Mumbai Escorts to Make Your Day Special

A call girl is a sex worker or female escort but unlike a street walker. Call girl services are available throughout India including the four Metros. A Mumbai call girl does not display or advertise her profession openly to the people in general, not does she work for any institution like a brother house.

But she could be employed by a Mumbai Escorts agency, with her services available by prior appointment through telephone booking.  A call cannot be indiscreet in choosing clients so she usually comes through an agency which screens the clients for background. The advent of internet has prompted call girls to advertise their availability and sometimes you will also find small ads in paper magazines.

If not an agency a pimp or a go between is involved in the service.  A pimp provides protection to his girl and sometimes the pimp may be the girl’s boy friend or husband. A Model escorts service recruit models who appear in commercials in the paper media, internet media and live modeling. These are considered to be sophisticated escorts who can do more than having sex with a client. These are escorts who are well versed with the dos and don’ts of the modern society and their culmination points.

Mumbai Escort Girl Can Make Your Boring Life Amazing & Exciting

Some people from higher echelon of the economic ladder hire their services so they can flaunt them life trophy in parties. They may or may not have sex with them afterwards but they certainly come at a cost. Some of the escort agencies that deal with rich clients recruit these girls in to their fold and rent their services to rick folks, corporate bigwigs, corporate guests from foreign countries, and businessmen attempting to swing deals in their favor.

Mumbai College Girl Escorts Available For Making A Romantic Night

Most of these incidents end with the client having sex with a model escort and in return she charges a heavy amount. The escorts could come from girls who are pursuing studies in colleges, as some of them offer their services for exchange of money that they want to fulfill their needs or support studies. These girls come mostly from lower rung of economy and provide their phone number to a trusted escort agency that recruit and rent out college escorts to clients.

Some girls though not from poor economy class, agree to become a sex worker or escort because of the extravagant style of life and habits. But these girls are much sought after by men, because of the “college student” tag attached to it.

Under the umbrella of Indian social structure a student is considered to be novice in terms of sex and sexual awareness hence she conjures up images of a client mating with a virgin or that sort.

college call girl obviously will come at a higher service fee because of the above said reasons. She is also not considered as a prostitute or as a street walker. She does her routines clandestinely and may even have fixed set of clients coming from corporate, business & rich segment of society. Escort agencies also claim to provide clients with Celebrity Escorts such as from film and TV and some of their claims are true as incidents of female actors involved in prostitution is published in the media.

Some Awesome Facts About Mumbai City

Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) is a densely populated city on India’s west coast. A financial center, it’s India’s largest city. On the Mumbai Harbour waterfront stands the iconic Gateway of India stone arch, built by the British Raj in 1924. Offshore, nearby Elephanta Island holds ancient cave temples dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. The city’s also famous as the heart of the Bollywood film industry.